On “The Book of Awesome” by Neil Pasricha


I first come to know about Neil by watching this TV commercial:

It was probably on an unusually cool July day when I saw it. I thought to myself, “that’s a nice way of looking at things.” Seeing that Neil published his blog into a book, I borrow the book The Book of Awesome from my local library and start reading it last night. Luckily I’m the only one sleeping in the basement because my laughter would have waken people up.

Although it is true that I found the book in the “Self Help” section of the library, Neil’s blogs are by no means cheesy. He is honest, funny and actually quite sarcastic, making him very relatable. He could be your brother, husband, colleague, the guy holding the cue at the supermarket checkout…The things he talk about are everyday things, some perhaps are more dear to his personal experience. There are also some “universal truths” that should be respected by all courteous human.

My favourite AWESOME things according to Neil so far include:

  • Using all the different shampoos and soaps in someone else’s shower: 3. Sampling is encouraged. If you’re staying with a couple, chances are good they’ve got His and Hers sections. Try both! What’s this? New scent of body wash? Squirt! Weird kiwi-grapefruit face wash? Squirt! Forty-dollar-a-bottle salon conditioner that looks like it came from a science lab? Squirt, Squirt, Squirt!
  • The Universal Fry-Sharing Policy: The Universal Fry-Sharing Policy states that if you are eating a meal with someone who ordered fries, and you didn’t order fries, you’re entitled to grab one of their fries as it’s landing on the table as long as a) you ask first, b) you make eye contact and raise your eyebrows until they nod, c) you just know them really well.
  • Finally clipping your fingernails after you’ve been meaning to do it all week: (I hate cutting my nails. I find the procedure very tedious.)

If Neils writing doesn’t make you feel better about life, at least you will have a good laugh at some of these seemingly insignificant things.

Admittedly, I too fall into the little dark spots when things don’t go my way. Neil’s blogs inspired me to notice and cherish the silver linings around the grey clouds. So this morning at breakfast, I sat down and came up with my own “Awesome” list. Here it is (in no particular order).

Gillian’s List of Awesome Things

  1. The first sip of ice cold Coca Cola (better yet, from a glass bottle).
  2. When you think you’re out of cash, you find a twenty dollar bill tucked in the wallet somewhere.
  3. Scoring cheap gas when the tank is about empty.
  4. Baby grips tight to your finger with his little hand.
  5. A pet (dog or cat) cuddling.
  6. Three strikes in a row when you’re not that good at bowling.
  7. Warmth travels down your throat to your tummy after drinking some hot tea on a cold day.
  8. Others compliment you on your new hair style/shirt/glasses.
  9. Bump into a celebrity you actually recognize and care about.
  10. Smell the roses.
  11. Get the joke in the comic strip/commercial.
  12. Finish a very thick book.
  13. Say something brilliant at an important business meeting.
  14. Cleaned your room/bathroom/closet/kitchen/garage.
  15. Ran 10km.
  16. Finished climbing Grouse Grind.
  17. The first kiss.
  18. Found that book you’re looking for in the local library.
  19. The movie everyone says is great is actually quite good.
  20. Checking the clock for the first time in the day and finding it’s almost time to go home.
  21. Warm toilet seat (no, I’m not kidding.)
  22. Hot apple pie with ice cream.
  23. It starts to rain as soon as you get inside.
  24. Sound of Music is on TV!
  25. Slipped but didn’t fall.
  26. Caught something falling in reflex and prevented it from breaking.
  27. Listen to rain falling on the car’s roof when you sit inside the car.
  28. Find the lost earring.
  29. Brief moment of complete soberness five minutes after consuming coffee.
  30. The very first sip of coffee of the day.
  31. Sharing a silent joke with a stranger through a glance.
  32. Rocking the self-serve checkout at the supermarket.
  33. Made something nice by hand.
  34. Screamed at the top of your lungs and it’s OK.
  35. Picked the perfect gift.
  36. Strike out the last item on the to-do list.

I encourage you take a moment and make your own list, and share with me. 🙂


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