Shopping on Main St.


You must be living under a rug (or new to the city, in which case welcome!) if you don’t know about shopping on Main Street in the Mt. Pleasant area ‘cos it’s AWESOME!!! The streets are lined with independent shops and boutiques with unique offerings including (and not limited to) antique, graphic novels, print and paper goods, and of course many, many cute clothing and shoe stores! Oh! And don’t forget the abundance of coffee shops and restaurants! I won’t lie but confess that I just L-O-V-E shopping on Main!

Don’t get me wrong, I’m by no means what you’d classified as a shopaholic. In fact, I’m quite the opposite: I hardly buy anything nowadays. But one of my soft spots (and I’ve way too many!) is stationery. I just love paper stuff…I must have at least five unused Moleskin notebooks in reserve. When I stumbled into The Hach on 17th Ave (just slightly off Main, opposite to a Shopper’s Drugs Mart), I tried really, really hard to resist buying all the adorable yet affordable stationery! They’ve little sticky notes, keyboard note pads that double as a wrist-rester, notebooks in different sizes, patterns and colours…Most of their stock are imported from Korea. They are just irresistibly cute! At last, I lost the battle in my mind and became the happy owner of this very practical monthly agenda + notepad by Paperways.

Paperways Compat 2-in-1 agenda
Monthly agenda $7
Notepad with square pattern $6
Plastic cover $3 (free with purchase of 2 notepads)

Another crazy/neat shop on Main Street is Urban Source Alternative Art Materials. At first glance the store looks a bit like a junk yard with bins of things like used CD, empty bottles, scrap pieces of leather, tile samples…Sky is the limit of what you can create with stuff found at Urban Source. The store also offers a great deal of paper products (such as those Chinese takeout boxes perfect for party favours). You’re offered the freedom to either buy what you want or buy in bulk in three different sizes of paper bags. Just fill a bag up with goodies, pay the set price and go! Even if you’re not planning to make anything, it’s still fun to go and see what they’ve got. Who knows? You might be inspired!

Material for a project in my head: Rug swatches $0.85, Assorted buttons $2, Carpet stopper $3 (IKEA)

The third item I picked up on Main Street technically isn’t sold in one of the shops. However, its creator resides in that area so I say it counts. The last thing I collected on that day is a wonderful package of Issues 1 and 2 of space | time zine from my friend Mel. 🙂 There is an article containing text and illustrations by another lovely friend of ours Caileigh Speck! Mel is one of the main contributor of this independent zine. All zines are designed, published, printed, hand-bounded by local designers. Mel says it’s lots of a hard work and she might not continue because it requires too much time. I wish you’d never stop making wonderful things, Mel! Support Mel and her zine!

space | time zine issues 1 & 2


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  1. Hey Gillian, I love your blog site, very professionally written and laid out. Awesome, keep it up!

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