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Yaletown in British Columbia is a neighbourhood well-known for the young, hip and luxurious boutiques, specialty stores, businesses and apartment residence. And of course, the abundance of food places of all sorts: family-oriented restaurants, pubs & breweries, lounges, coffee places etc., and of many ethnic varieties: West coast, Thai, French, Italian…The food scene in Yaletown […]

Summary of eat places: The Place Restaurant (Marpole) 8028 Granville St Vancouver BC V6P (604) 261-3948 Amato Gelato (Vancouver & Richmond) 78 East 1st Ave, Vancouver BC (604) 879-9011 Little Nest (Commercial Drive) 1716 charles st, off commercial drive (604) 251-9994 New Town Bakery & Restaurant (Chinatown) 158 E Pender Street Vancouver BC (604) 681-1828

Yam, a humble root vegetable, usually disguised in its brown skin among the potatoes in the veggie section in the supermarkets. Come to think of it, I can never tell the difference between ‘sweet potato’ and ‘yam’. Oh well. Who cares! What matter is that yam tastes wonderful! What I love most about yam is […]